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How to Update Tripod

My wife is a brilliant photographer and uses the Tripod WordPress theme to run her site. The issue is that their documentation is kind of lacking, so I figured I would document the process in hopes to help others.

It’s actually pretty simple, it’s just not mentioned in their documentation as “Update”.

  1. Make a backup! SFTP to your server and copy down your entire directory to your local machine. You will also want to login to your phpMyAdmin to make a backup of your database.
  2. Update your WordPress to the latest version.
  3. Optional: Install Maintenance Mode plugin and set your site in maintenance mode.
  4. Download the latest version of the theme from envatomarket/themeforest.com. If you download the full version + documentation. It will come a .zip. Unzip it.
  5. SFTP to your site and delete the tripod theme ( ../../../wp-content/themes/tripod)
  6. Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme > Choose File and choose the File named tripod_installable_theme_v_x.x.zip and click Install Now.
  7. Activate theme and make sure everything looks good.
  8. Optional: Disable Maintenance Mode.

Hopefully this helps you out. If you need assistance, just comment and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.