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Update: Facebook Chat for Pidgin

I got a comment from a user claiming that the Facebook chat fix I posted earlier no longer works. I downloaded the latest version, 2.7.11, and got to configuring.

First, in your buddy list window, select Accounts > Manage Accounts (Ctrl+A), then click Add…

Next, select Facebook Chat (XMPP) and make your configuration match the one below, using your username. If you are confused on this, your Facebook username is whatever comes after the / in your Facebook URL. For example, mine is www.facebook.com/kylebubp so my username is kylebubp. If you aren’t sure what your username is, login to Facebook and click on Profile in the top right. Your URL will be displayed in your address bar.

Next, click on the Advanced tab. Make your settings match these:

That’s it. Click add and you should be good to go. If you need assistance, comment and I will email or reply in the comments.


Facebook Chat Fix for Adium/Pidgin/iChat

The other day I launched Adium and noticed a significant decrease of friends. I noticed that although my Facebook friends were online at www.facebook.com, they were not showing up in my list. A quick check showed that yes, my Facebook account was connected in Adium, but nothing was showing up.

Well, here’s the fix for your Facebook Friends not showing up in Adium, Pidgin, or iChat.

You need to create a new Jabber account in your IM software. Then configure with the following:


  1. Go to the iChat menu and select “Preferences.”
  2. From the “Accounts” tab, click the “+” and select the following settings:
    • Account Type: Jabber
    • Account Name: your Facebook username@chat.facebook.com
    • Password: your Facebook password
  3. Click down to server options and select the following settings:
    • Server: chat.facebook.com
    • Port: 5222
    • Uncheck “Use SSL”


  1. Go to the Adium menu and select “Preferences.”
  2. From the “Accounts” tab, click the “+” and select “Jabber” from the drop-down menu. Fill in the following information:
    • Jabber ID: your Facebook username@chat.facebook.com
    • Password: your Facebook password


  1. Go to “Accounts” and select “Manage Account.”
  2. Create a new account with the following settings:

    Under Basic:
    Protocol: XMPP
    Username: your Facebook username
    Domain: “chat.facebook.com”
    Resource: “pidgin”
    Password: your facebook password
    Local alias: “Facebook Chat”

    Under Advanced:
    Uncheck Require SSL/TLS
    Connect port: 5222
    Connect server: chat.facebook.com

Now you’re all set, back to chatting.