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G-Tablet Saga: Part 1

I purchased a Viewsonic G-Tablet tonight in hopes of it being a replacement for an iPad. I had every intention of flashing its ROM when I got it, but I was surprised at just how crappy the TapNTap stock ROM was.

I had to reboot the thing 3 times just to connect to wireless. I’m going to play around with it a little in it’s stock configuration and will review as necessary. Then I will flash it with a ROM with xda-developers and do more reviewing.


Disconnect Extension Improves Browser Privacy

As you may not (but hopefully do) know, many websites track what you are doing. For example, Google stores what you have been searching for and where you mouse moves on the screen. Sound invasive? Well good, because it is.
Thankfully, this cool dude named Brian Kennish, a former Google employee, wrote this extension called “Disconnect.” It disables multiple third party tracking websites, thus enhancing the privacy of your browsing session.
Get it today from Brian at

Netflix Offers Streaming-Only Service, Raises Rates on Other Plans

I got an email from my pals at Netflix today letting me know that my current package of unlimited streaming and 1 Blu-ray out at a time would experience a rate increase. They are only increasing it by $1, so it’s not that big of a deal in my opinion. I am extremely satisfied with their service, and don’t mind paying the extra dollar. There was another piece of information in the email, however, that caught my eye.

Netflix is now offering a streaming-only package for $7.99/month. I am assuming this is to compete with Hulu Plus, which is equally priced at $7.99/month.

If you don’t have Netflix, I would definitely suggest giving the streaming service a try. I use it as my primary source of entertainment on my television. Heck, I don’t even have cable, and I believe Netflix streaming is the reason that I can survive.

Has anyone tried Hulu Plus? I’m interested in the service, but don’t want to commit just yet, not even for a free trial.

Internet-Only TV Part 2: Netflix Streaming

There are multiple platforms that I could stream Netflix on. I know before I said that the 360 had the PS3 and the HTPC beat hands down, but now I’m singing a different tune.

Not too long ago, the exclusivity with between Microsoft and Netflix ran out, thus allowing PS3 to stream without a disc. This was good news for me. See, the PS3 connects with my Samsung TV via AnyNet+. I can use my Samsung TV remote to control the PS3. You can see where this is going…

I fire up my Netflix on the PS3 and not only is it more convenient with the single TV remote, the layout is a lot better as well. As I start streaming a movie, I notice it starts a lot quicker than on the 360. The resolution seems to be a bit better as well.

So for those of you with a PS3, get the Netflix download from the Playstation Store today!