Red Curry for Dinner

The other day my lovely fiance and I went to the local Asian market. I picked up two cans of curry mix, some prawn flavored rice crisps, and Krating Daeng (thai/original Red Bull). Tonight I decided that I would make the curry.

I started by seasoning two steaks with cayenne pepper, cracked black pepper, and kosher salt. I then stuck them in my favorite cooking tool, the cast iron skillet, on medium heat.
Beef in the pan

While those were cooking, I started up the rice cooker. When cooking rice use a 2:1 water to rice ratio.  Also, just a capful of rice wine vinegar helps as well.
After cooking the beef to rare, I removed it from the heat and cut it into cubes. I then added the curry sauce. I did not use the Dave’s Insanity pictured.
After combining the meat and curry, I realized it looked a little thin. I added a potato that I cooked in the microwave, as well as some Sriracha Hot Sauce and it thickened up.

Just as it was done cooking, so was my rice. So I threw the white rice in a bowl and added the curry.

I just finished it, and it was delicious. Although, not as good as our local Thai place, “Taste of Thai.”

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