Internet-Only TV Part 2: Netflix Streaming

There are multiple platforms that I could stream Netflix on. I know before I said that the 360 had the PS3 and the HTPC beat hands down, but now I’m singing a different tune.

Not too long ago, the exclusivity with between Microsoft and Netflix ran out, thus allowing PS3 to stream without a disc. This was good news for me. See, the PS3 connects with my Samsung TV via AnyNet+. I can use my Samsung TV remote to control the PS3. You can see where this is going…

I fire up my Netflix on the PS3 and not only is it more convenient with the single TV remote, the layout is a lot better as well. As I start streaming a movie, I notice it starts a lot quicker than on the 360. The resolution seems to be a bit better as well.

So for those of you with a PS3, get the Netflix download from the Playstation Store today!

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